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Set the scene!​

Looking for cocooning is to refine your interior so that it is a nest where life is good.


these are unique works, created according to our inspiration, that breathe a cozy atmosphere into your living space and reflect your uniqueness.

Offering you something unique is already not having the tastes of everyone!

Our collections are aimed at all interior design enthusiasts looking for exceptional products.

de l'art ou du cocon

Breathe life into your decor!

A unique cushion in the world that you want to have at home, what is it?

Fabrics made by renowned designers, unearthed during travels, or unearthed among the most beautiful fabrics of European publishers, and, soon, unpublished fabrics of our creation, a few touches of “punch needle” – or not – colors and and that’s all!

Yarns and Canvas, handmade cushions made in France, with care, on the Bassin d’Arcachon. 

de l'art ou du cocon

Totems or communicating spirits…

Weighty guests who will know how to hold their place in your interior or your garden, and will fuel the discussions without ever departing from their airy and curvaceous style.

Manufactured individually or in short series all numbered, these objects mark the difference and affirm your personality.

de l'art ou du cocon
de l'art ou du cocon

In the land promised by fire

Or happiness in chance!

Funny, useful or simply decorative, these RAKU objects, sensual and unique, whose surface is adorned with subtle black networks, are handmade with finesse, respecting ancestral Japanese techniques from the 16th century.

The random cracks are the result of the magic of the evolution of each piece during unloading, the colors of the enamel are revealed and give each its uniqueness and originality.

Some works are calligraphic: a rich alchemy of earth, fire, letters and meaning.

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What's new in summer 2022

Focus on a collection

TROPIQUES: a decor that takes you on an exotic journey. Shimmering colours, vegetation from lands that never know the cold… the cushions from the TROPIQUES collection are a ray of sunshine in your world.

de l'art ou du cocon

Made with love

A certain taste for noble materials and work well done inspires us and guides our actions to guarantee you to acquire a top-of-the-range product. Each DE L'ART OU DU COCON object carries within it a part of us. But above all, it is made for you and to bring you happiness.

Made in France

DE L'ART OU DU COCON products are 100% made in France, in the Bassin d'Arcachon. Buy our products and you contribute on your own scale to the sustainability of French companies and craftsmanship and industrial excellence.

Unique piece

We imagine and create according to our inspirations. Each DE L'ART OU DU COCON product is handmade and absolutely unique. A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, guarantees the paternity of each of our creations.

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De l'art ou du cocon

DE L’ART OU DU COCON is above all unique pieces that will adapt to your interior with grace.

De l'art ou du cocon

DE L’ART OU DU COCON is the promise of respect for craftsmanship and French know-how.

De l'art ou du cocon

DE L’ART OU DU COCON is above all quality products with noble materials.