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De l'art ou du cocon... who are we?

There are no coincidences in dating! DE L’ART OU DU COCON, these are 3 creative people who share the same passion for « handmade, made with the heart », entrepreneurs, at the crossroads of design and craftsmanship that the RAKU brought together, one day, on the Bassin d’Arcachon.

From natural materials, endowed with the same patience and meticulousness in the making of objects, having the same desire to transmit and share, the same taste for the freedom to create and quality, they manufacture objects that will find their place in your interiors or gardens.

Des Fils et des Toiles

...Martine Miquelis

Daughter and granddaughter of talented seamstresses, always in search of rare pearls, she is an esthete who has become a collector of very beautiful pieces of fabric and wool, which she associates in daring combinations.

Fabrics and wools

Gleaned from upholsterers, unearthed among the collections of great designers, hunted down in specialized markets or brought back from her travels, the hundreds of pieces of fabric and wool from her workshop are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the making of cushions and decorations. Textile works in which she inserts wool according to her moods, so that the unique object created becomes as beautiful to look at as it is pleasant to the touch, for your greatest pleasure.

Her creed

It is by cultivating rarity that ideas grow.

M. Pink

...Yann Travers

Creative and talented, he has devoted his life to design: graphic design for renowned agencies, object design. Curious about everything, demanding and uncompromising, he doesn’t give up until everything is licked and perfectly cared for, even if he has to spend his nights.

Steel, wood, clay

His sculptures, clay, wood, steel are elegant, poetic or full of humour, always stylized and refined, the figurative leaving less room for the imagination.

His creed

Less is more!

de l'art ou du cocon
de l'art ou du cocon


...Corinne Pangaud

Ceramics is her whole life! For 22 years, she has been exploring with relish all the facets of raku, which she offers in her own way. Fascinated by the spirit of the bowl and the Japanese tea ceremony, she creates with a lot of poetry, subtlety and sensuality pieces that have a soul.

At the heart of our memories, clay

A simple and noble material that is transformed by fire, to invent stories.
It becomes sculptures, everyday or symbolic art objects that will join your daily life for your greatest pleasure.

Her creed

The demand for meaning must precede form.